Curriculum vitae of R. Carey Woodward, Jr.


Degree Date earned Institution Department
Ph.D. 03/1992 University of Wisconsin--Madison Physics
B.S. 11/1984 Yale University Physics



Assistant Scientist at University of Wisconsin--Madison.
Reduced, analyzed, and published far ultraviolet spectrally resolved images of Jupiter's moon Io from the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph of the Hubble Space Telescope. Acquired, reduced, and published images of S+ 6731Å emission from the Io Plasma Torus through a modest (36 inch) groundbased telescope. Assisted acquisition and reduction of groundbased high-resolution O(1D) 6300Å emission spectra from Io and comet Hale-Bopp. Developed software for efficient reduction of large set of geocoronal spectra. Developed software for weighted least-square fitting of multiple Voigt profiles to spectral data, with `linked' parameters and instrumental profile compensation; discovered novel numerical approximation of partial derivatives of Voigt profile with respect to its parameters, to increase stability of parameter estimation procedure.

10/1992-3/1993, 7/1993-5/1997
Consulting Scientist to Atmospheric & Environmental Research, Inc.
Planned, developed software for, and produced a scientific visualization of modelled behavior of sodium and potassium atoms on Mercury, using Sun workstations. Constructed richly-featured semi-empirical model of the Jupiter plasma torus on the same platform.

Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.
Specified and expedited purchase of CCD camera and microcomputer control system. Developed data acquisition and analysis software for this and an existing CCD system. Diagnosed and repaired computer-controlled siderostat in field.

Research Assistant at University of Wisconsin--Madison.
Conducted thesis research under Dr. Frank Scherb: instrument design, observation, analysis, and publication for ground-based observing program of visible-wavelength S+,++ emissions from the Jupiter-Io plasma torus, using Fabry-Perot interferometers.


Assistant Faculty Associate (Physics PMT program) at the University of Wisconsin. Tutored introductory physics (non-calculus), with interactive Web-based assignments.

Instructor (Astronomy) at Concordia University. Redesigned curriculum for and taught accelerated class to degree-seeking adult students, including innovative lab exercises.

9/1984-5/1985, 1/1986-5/1986, 1/1990-5/1990, 9/1990-5/1991
Teaching Assistant (Physics) at the University of Wisconsin for:
three introductory lecture/labs (general physics); one intermediate undergraduate lecture (modern physics); one intermediate undergraduate lab (general physics); and one graduate lab (optics).

Teaching Assistant at Yale University for introductory computer programming (for non-majors).

Math and computer teacher at Ulysses S. Grant Foundation of Yale University (a summer school for gifted and talented high school students). Developed curriculum for and taught math and computer science courses for grades 9-12.

Head computer teacher at The Collegiate Schools (Richmond, VA) summer session.
Developed curriculum for and taught several computer science classes for grades 3-4 and 5-8 and adult students. Supervised three assistant teachers.

Computers [see also scientific computing entries under "Research," above]

System Manager for Space Physics group at the University of Wisconsin.
Administered the group's most powerful machine, a DEC Alpha/OSF1 system, for over 40 users. Maintained and upgraded hardware; wrote administrative and scientific software; resolved problems with security, network access, and competition among subgroups for system resource; created and maintained website. Also co-managed another DECstation and several PCs (Windows and Linux) and X-terminals.

System Manager for Space Physics group at the University of Wisconsin.
Maintained and managed two MicroVAX II systems for group of about 20 users, at both software and hardware levels; assisted development and maintenance of several PC-based systems, including one used for automatic telescope control; developed and maintained local software packages; installed, customized,and managed AIPS, a widely-used astronomical image processing system. Trained and supervised two assistant system managers.

Proficient in the following:
Languages: APL, BASIC, C, FORTRAN, HTML, TeX/LaTeX, and various assembly and script languages.
Operating systems: Macintosh, MS-DOS, Unix and its clones, VMS, and most versions of Windows.

Publication list available here.